Frequently Asked Questions


What songs do Sing With Soul choirs sing?

All things SOUL, we LOVE soul.The Sing With Soul repertoire consists of soul classics and Gospel songs, from Ben E King to Amazing Grace.


What is A Cappella? 

A Cappella is singing without instrumentation i.e. without piano or band. Sing With Soul choirs use a mixture of A Cappella and backing tracks.


Will choir members have to sing on their own?

Choir members will never have to sing on their own, if they don't want to. However, most of the choir find that before long they've relaxed and sung on their own without realising it!


Are there performances?

Definitely. Choir members enjoy inviting friends and family to hear them.


How long do choirs rehearse for?

Sing With Soul can run a choir according to your needs. Whether you want a fun pop-up choir workshop for one day, or a weekly choir running over 6-8 weeks. Contact and let Sing With Soul help you realise your vision.